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Please be aware that MyGwalia's Payment Portal will be updated on Thursday 24th of August 2017. This change may not be compatible with older operating systems or web browsers. If you have any issues, please use an alternative web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you still experience issues, please notify Gwalia's Contact Centre on 0800 0121 080.

Register for My Gwalia

To register for My Gwalia you will need your Tenancy Reference Number, Surname, Date of Birth and Email address. If you have any issues registering please contact us.

Please enter your Tenancy Reference Number below.

Your tenancy reference number can be found:

  • On your rent card
  • On your rent statement
  • Or you can ring and request it on 0800 0121 080, or email us at cscqueries@gwalia.com

Please enter your Surname and Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) below and press Next.